Marine surveyor Palm City Florida. Hull potential.

Just completed two hull potential tests. How many of us have the wrong anodes on our vessel? The one above has zinc anodes in fresh water. Zinc will not provide the protection you need in fresh water. Just because your anodes look good does not tell you that your underwater metals are being protected. The above vessel will be fitted with proper anodes and protection will be in place. After we replace, we will conduct a hull potential test and make sure the range is correct. 

Another vessel we tested yesterday produced a hull potential of -270mV. Too low. Protection should be between -750 and -1000 mV. This will save this owner prop pitting and other metal corrosion. 

These tests can be done in the water and no lift fees are needed to check your anode protection. Happy boating with no corrosion issues.


Stuart Florida
Treasure Coast Florida
Palm City Florida

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