Marine surveyor Stuart Florida. Anodes.

 More on Anodes and damage that can occur, if you do not have your vessel properly protected against corrosion. When your vessel sets at the dock, your below water metals are able to share electrons. The key is to have the proper amount of anode protecting so your vessel metals do not suffer damage. The less nobel metal ( hopefully the anode ) will suffer and be the target rather than any underwater vessel metal. We posted a blog earlier and invited you to call so your vessel could be tested and you would know your not suffering damage. Having said that, we did some testing this weekend. We tested one popular brand of magnesium anode against one I use. 

When conducting the test, called a open test, your results should be -1600 mV when using a silver/silver chloride reference electrode. This number of -1600 mV tells us that we have a almost or pure piece of Magnesium. Corrosion potentials of metals are very small and I attached a chart for you to view. If your anodes fall below the protection range, corrosion starts to attack the next range of metals. This is normal the props for us and you will start to see pitting. So the results of the testing.

One brand tested at -1326 mV and the other at -1600 mV. In the game of corrosion, 274 mV means alot. The point is when buying anodes brands matter. Call anytime for testing or results of this testing and other tests.

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