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Boat inspection Stuart Florida. Stringer inspection

Boat inspection Stuart Florida. Stringer inspection

Stuart Florida Boat Inspection
Palm City Florida Boat Inspection

Stringer design and construction is a very important part of your vessel. Make sure you do a little background work and read up on what type of stringers you may have in your new boat. Are they wood? Are they laminate. It makes a difference and boat inspectors must pay attention to them. This week we completed a stringer inspection on a very nice vessel. The vessel had wood stringers and water was allowed to remain in the bilge for years. The stringers look good on the outside but the wood was rotten and the stringers had started to move allowing one of the engines to shift. If you would like your current vessel stringer system inspected or a vessel you would like buy, call and discuss. 678.267.9877

Picture attached shows stringer water access.