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New ABYC based survey report and inspection reports

Hope the season finds all well. We have just developed a new survey report that can be voice entered at the vessel. It is Word based and works great on the Ipad. It also has all the ABYC Standards, Title 33 and Title 46 laws that may apply and be used by the surveyor while onboard. We also developed this type of report for the specialized inspection such as electrical and corrosion. So what does this mean to you? You get a list of items and reviews at the end of the survey and a good idea of the value. What does it mean for the surveyor. He/She can spend more time surveying and not report writing. The final report is delivered later but at the end of the day, we will know how to proceed.

These reports should be easier to read and faster turn around. Your welcome to call and discuss any of your marine needs.