Your Captain Concierge Marine Surveyor LLC

Thoughts about what to expect during the survey or inspection

First off, we take our time and do not rush through the process. One day surveys are rare and the vessel will set the pace. We rarely conduct the in water work, limited trial run and haul out in the same day. Smaller vessels can sometimes be done in one day, pending their age.

Our goal for the customer is set by conversations prior to the survey. Your needs and desires must be understood before we start the process. Knowing the buyers expectations allows a clear understanding as we move through the vessel. If we determine early that the vessel does not meet the desired goals and needs, we discuss that early before more time and money is spent.

We provide a scope of survey. This clearly tells you how we intend to proceed with the inspection. What processes, tools, test, types of inspections, standards, regulations and laws may or may not be used.

We provide a conduct of the survey. This clearly spells out how we (I) will conduct myself during the survey. It outlines what we can and cannot do during the survey.

We believe that buyers want to know the following:

1. What is the condition of the vessel? Every system/item, screw, washer and so on has a service life. Customers want to know if the item/system being inspected is doing what it is supposed to do. Does it need service, because everything on a vessel at some time will need service? Do I, as the inspector or surveyor, see concerns related to the item/system being inspected? So in short: does it work, does it need service and am I concerned about it. So at the end, we develop a condition of the vessel.

2. That brings us to the next item the buyer is in need of. What is the value of this vessel? That is produced by developing the condition. Comparing that vessel to like and kind sold over the last two or three years. Determine real cash changing hands. Taking the current market into consideration and producing a value for the vessel.


This is all placed in a report that will normally be provided within three days of completion.

If you have any questions, call or email.