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Customer Testimonials

  • Brig was outstanding. He gave us good, straight-to-the-point information and advice. We are new to boating and the boat buying process and we are grateful to have come across Brig Burgess. He really helped to guide us through the process and what things to look for and what things to be wary of. Even though we have never met in-person, from the very first phone call you could tell Brig had our best interest in mind -- ensuring we would end up with a boat that met our needs. The current boat did not work out for us -- Brig helped identify some major warning signs, so we walked away with Brig savings us thousands of dollars!! We will definitely be calling on him again to help with any future purchases!!
    Kim Higginbotham
  • As my wife and I were looking to become first time boat owners we knew very little about what to look for when purchasing a used boat. We hired Captain Brig to survey one we’d been eyeing. He quickly determined it was not a safe boat to buy and saved everyone’s time and money by ending the survey. Since then, he has offered to help us in our search for a boat. We are extremely happy with our decision to hire Brig, who surely saved us from a giant headache with the boat we were attempting to buy. Highly recommend.

  • Andrew Carpenter

    If you’re looking for a quality surveyor with plenty of knowledge as well as experience, definitely go with Captain Brig. I’ve had experience with other surveyors and when I received a glowing survey from the seller of a sailboat I was considering, I still wanted someone with Captain Brig’s level of experience to have a look and am I ever glad that I did. We found several areas of concern throughout the boat that weren’t even mentioned in the seller’s survey! Took the time to walk me through explaining each area and the likely cause. These weren’t necessarily deal-breakers but invaluable when determining how to proceed with the boat and what to keep an eye on down the road if I did decide to buy it. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

    Andrew Carpenter
  • David Smith

    outstanding walk around on a boat I'm considering purchasing.. Very informative, very affordable. Highly recommended!

    David Smith, Mr.
  • Gian & Vivian

    While looking at an older trawler for purchase, we had some reservations about tank corrosion and electrical problems. We were very fortunate to find Captain Brig. Captain Brig's expertise and thoroughness in examining the corrosion problems and suggesting solutions were invaluable. His troubleshooting the electrical system went above and beyond. In the world of flat rate surveyors it is impossible to get attention to specific serious issues. On a boat of any size the time it takes to go through all the systems is more than a day, let alone a sea trial too. We needed a good specific survey which takes time, not a one day walk thru for insurance purposes. We will certainly work with Captain Brig again as the safety of the boat depends on finding the problems and any money hiring Captain Brig is money well spent. Gian & Vivian

    Gian & Vivian
  • Patti and Gary

    Could not of had a better experience with Captain Brig as our boat surveyer . He was very thorough and professional on the inspection of the boat. He went over the entire boat - engines, steering, live wells, lights, batteries, charging systems, etc-every aspect of the boat . Even the salesman of the boat who has been selling boats for 17 years said no one he has ever dealt with as a surveyor did a more thorough and professional job as what Brig dId regardless of if the boat was bigger or smaller then the 265 pursuit we purchased. Also, he was the one that helped us find our boat. He gave us advise on questions to ask and helped us every step of the way. We highly recommend Captain Brig!

    Patti and Gary
  • I am extremely grateful to Brig for his help after a survey of my boat in which the surveyor was over reliant on his moisture meter. With the aid of Brig's advice, marine thermography expertise and core samples, I was able to confirm that the moisture was limited to one small area and take steps to mitigate it. The contract with the next buyer concluded with an uneventful survey and sale. Thank Brig!

  • Brig is an excellent surveyor who has helped me survey several boats until finding the right one for my wife and I. He is always fast to respond and always had the right answer or approach to the vessel we were looking to purchase. I’d recommend him you use his services for any surveying needs.

    Brian D
  • If your looking mode someone that is professional, honest and fair then Mr Burgess is exactly that person. He not only was upfront but also was uncommonly considerate while having respectful values one would look for in an Accredited Marine surveyor. If your looking to purchase a vessel and want the honest truth of its value, condition and recommendation of a respected motor mechanic while not worrying about someone trying to make a fast dollar then rest assured Mr Burgess is on your side. My first and last marine surveyor I will use. Thanks Mr Burgess for helping me make an honest, calculated financial bit purchase decision.
  • Let me start this off by saying I am a first time boat buyer (a little green). I called 4 separate marine surveyors and their schedules were too busy to accommodate me. One of the surveyors recommended Brig to me (he was a past student of his). Brig is absolutely worth his weight in gold! He was extremely professional, helpful, profoundly knowledgeable, and never left any question unanswered. He surveyed/sea trialed the boat I considered purchasing as if he was buying it himself. At the end of the day, I ended up walking away from the deal after Brig’s report showed that the seller was WAY overpriced (over 10K!). Seller wouldn’t even budge! I believe this is the first time I have ever reviewed someone’s services on google. And due to Brig’s excellent work and forthrightness, I feel compelled to give him the highest remarks for his work. Thank you, Brig!
  • Our experience with Brig during the year our sailboat was in Port Salerno was extraordinary. Captain Brig was responsive to our every request. He immediately called upon his formidable resources to address our every problem. We highly recommend this knowledgeable professional.

    Joe and Julie
  • Our experience with Brig during the year our sailboat was in Port Salerno was extraordinary. Captain Brig was responsive to our every request. He immediately called upon his formidable resources to address our every problem. We highly recommend this knowledgeable professional.