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Customer Testimonials

  • Brig recently performed a buyers survey for me. The boat was a 2001 SeaVee 25 Open that appeared to be in very good condition. As a matter of fact the boat had recently been painted, new powder coated and partially reworked. About an hour into the survey Brig took me aside to explain that he had found several issues and physically showed these to me. There was an extreme amount of moister in the hull and covering boards. The fuel tank was evidently plumbed wrong and there were issues with the wiring. I now know why a 2001. Oat had 2007 power. It had evidently met one of the hurricanes of 2004/2005. Brig was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I have owned many boats in the past, both small and large sport fisherman and I have never had such a thorough survey. I will definitely schedule my next survey with Brig. Thanx Brig
    Sandy Farkas, Buyer
  • Captain Brig is not like most surveyors, his attention to detail and the time he spends educating the customer is invaluable. He surveyed a boat we were considering buying and afterwards went through the report with us. He was really flexible working with both us, the buyer, and the seller. I highly recommend Captain Brig.
  • We recieved this note from a seller of a vessel we just compeleted. I copied and printed just as he wrote it. It is important to get feedback from sellers as it is from buyers. From Seller::


    Hello Brig,<br /> <br /> I'm following up on your survey - and our sale - of our PDQ 34 Magic. I wanted to report on our experience, as a seller, of your services, and I don't know exactly how and where to do that. So I've prepared the following comments, which I authorize you to use as a testimonial if you find it useful :<br /> <br /> "For a boat seller, Brig Burgess is a pain. We met him when he was retained by a prospective buyer to survey our PDQ 34. He spent the best part of 2 days with us, on the water and on the hard. He requested we provide him with all sorts of historical details, mileage and time figures for our last year of cruising. He inspected the boat inside and out, finding a number of small details that required our attention, that we had overlooked, despite our being slightly paranoid about boat care and maintenance. He offered extensive advise to our prospective buyer on engine management, maintenance schedule, or anchoring technique and equipment. We all ended up exhausted, but the whole process was organized in such an easy-going, though very professional atmosphere, that we easily agreed with the buyer on the list of conditions to be met before handing the boat over to him. That's why, given the chance, we'll make sure to retain Brig as our surveyor when we buy our next boat! - Nelly and Jacques".<br /> <br /> Again, it was a pleasure, and an interesting experience, to meet you. I hope our paths cross again.<br /> <br /> Jacques Kreitmann

    Jacques Kreitmann, Seller of Vessel - Seller of a 2003 PDQ
  • Captain Brig was an excellent surveyor, he arrived at the job ahead of schedule, and did a comprehensive examination of the entire boat. He took his time and reviewed his results with me at conclusion. He was worth every penny. Thanks again Captain Brig.

    Chris Battifarano
    Captain Brigs is a buyer's goto surveyor. He easily spent 3 times longer than most surveyors would have on the boat I was thinking about purchasing and found every single defect (owner dropped price by over 15k on the spot). Also, I really appreciated that he took the time to understand what I was looking for in a boat and what kind of condition I expected it to be in. Capt. Brigs takes the time to know his customers and takes his job extremely serious. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any marine survey. Now, if you're a seller and he gets on your boat....good luck!
  • Howard

    If you are a buyer, then I strongly recommend Captain Brig. If you are a seller, you won't like him. He is a VERY detail oriented professional. One who will take days to do a professional survey, not 3-4 hours and "cut and paste" from old files. You get what you pay for and I as a Captain, having owned 6-7 boats, would not hesitate to use him. Captain Howard Anderson

  • Bennett White
    Capt. Brig assisted with a survey on a Sea Ray we purchased in 2013. He performed the most detailed and thorough survey possible. We were able to make the most informed decision possible and purchased the boat. We are starting our 4th season with "0" unexpected malfunctions. The best part has been his assistance after the survey. I have contacted him numerous times since to ask questions and to ask for advice. He has always willingly assisted me with any question that I have had since our initial meeting. There cannot be another Marine Surveyor in the industry that can match his level of detail nor his level of service. He is truly a great asset to have access to.
    Bennett White
  • Working with Your Captain Concierge has been a complete pleasure. We suffered a power surge on our dock, and lost our battery charger, 3 batteries, refrigerator and microwave. Quotes of thousands of dollars were swirling about, then Captain Brig came aboard. In a matter of minutes, he had determined what was wrong, triaged the situation so we could salvage the weekend, and by the next weekend, had ordered and installed the necessary components at a fraction of the cost. What began as a nightmare with dollar signs flashing, ended in a relaxing weekend enjoying our boat with the knowledge that all was being taken care of. Thanks Captain Brig!

    The Gusek Family
  • I want to thank Captain Brig & his team for not once but twice keeping me from making terrible mistakes.

    The first time was on a 1992 Regal Valanti 240. The purchase price was $8000 and Brig got into every nook and cranny he could find to root out any problems or potential problems. Certainly on a boat that old you will find some issues although none were deal breakers. Brigs certified mercruiser mechanic found that the engine was cracked due to an incorrectly done winterization. That alone was well worth the investment that I had made with Brig & his team.

    The second boat was a 1988 Sea Ray Sorrento 25. On this boat again Brig came in and crawled around into every cabinet and locker again looking for problems. When he got to the engine compartment he checked the engine support stringers had rotted. We took the boat out of the water to check the hull and Brig found that the hull was basically full of water. Blistering was rampant on this hull making the boat unsalvageable for my purposes (or anybody elses for that matter). Once again I was kept from making a really bad and costly choice.

    I will certainly call Brig and his team when I find the next boat.

    Bruce J. Scheck
  • Brig has been instrumental in the maintenance of our boat since we purchased in April of 2013. From replacing our lost anchor to helpful tips along the way, I have always been able to count on him. Just this past week he assisted us in starting the boat when we were stranded at the dock with a boat full of guests and refused to take payment. He also answered his phone while on a dinner date with his lovely wife to guide me through the process of resetting a tripped breaker. He embodies the es sprit de corp of boating and I am happy to call him a friend and a constant professional.

    Rocky Pethtal
  • Just a quick note to thank you for the recent repairs you made to the toilets on my 39 MY. Your prompt response to the non-functioning toilet was very much appreciated and allowed our family to enjoy the weekend without missing a beat and your bill was more than fair. 

    You will be our first call on all things marine. Thank you again.

    Scott Truax
  • As always you have come through big for my boats and I. The outboard runs like a 4-stroke now which is especially impressive because before you refurbished it, it hadn't ran in years! Also, I can't thank you enough for taking time to look at my generator on Labor Day, and following up the next week to dive into it more thoroughly. Knowing you've had a chance to give it a good once over gives me piece of mind and that's invaluable, especially for something as crucial as a generator. Your reputation precedes you around the marina. After having you assess some of the issues I've had and correct them I'll be sure to call you first when issues arise. Thanks again and I hope the next time you are on my boat you bring a drink, not a flashlight and tools. Take care and have a great week

    Rob Ortega